Our vision

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach is a practical one; we look at ways in which we can make a fundamental difference to our people, the community and environment.

Our CSR committee meet regularly to discuss new initiatives and drive our strategic vision, which is to:

  • Work collaboratively with local organisations, charities and communities.
  • Improve the health, safety and well-being of our people.
  • Operate ethical employment practices.
  • Achieve high standards in the environmental management of our business.
  • Help to create the environment for our people to achieve their ambitions.

Helping improve the world around us


Supporting our community however we can.


We continually seek initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment around us.


Caring for our members, colleagues and everyone we work with.

Our charity of the year

We're extremely glad to be partnered up with Bristol Autism Support who our colleagues voted as our charity of the year.

The charity supports parents and carers of autistic children to help reduce their feelings of isolation, increase family wellbeing with in-person support and development.

We're looking forward to working together on various fundraising activities throughout the year.

Social Club Committee

Our Social Club Committee functions to improve the social environment of our workplace by organising staff events.

The Social Club Committee encourages collaborative action and helps to create a sense of togetherness amongst staff.

Social Club members pay £2 a month (the money is taken out of staff wages before tax and matched by the Society) and this money is managed by the Social Committee and used to run the monthly events. By becoming a member you are entitled to get discounted prices for any of our events.