Hazardous Pursuits

Protect your clients further against hazardous hobbies and pastimes.

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What is Hazardous Pursuits cover?

We understand how important it is for you to get your clients covered, and their hobbies shouldn’t stop them from getting the protection they need.

Our Income Protection and Accident Only Income Protection includes cover for some leisure activities as standard. But we also offer your clients the option to pay extra to cover an enhanced list of what we call ‘Hazardous Pursuits’.

Hobbies and pastimes categorised as hazardous pursuits include activities such as Bouldering and Motor Sports. You can view the full list below.

How we treat Hazardous Pursuits

This list details which pursuits we cover as standard, and the enhanced list which is covered as part of our hazardous pursuits add-on. The list applies only where the pursuit is participated in at an amateur level.

Pursuit Standard list for no additional premium Enhanced list for additional premium
Athletics (track and field) All aspects covered. Covered in our standard list.
Aviation sports Not covered. Ballooning, gliding, paragliding (powered and non-powered), hang gliding, parachuting, skydiving, micro-lighting, private flying (aeroplane or helicopter).
Ball games Football, cricket, squash, badminton, tennis, hockey, volleyball. Rugby (league or union), American football, Gaelic football.
Cycling (non-powered) Road cycling, track cycling. BMX racing/freestyle, mountain biking/off-road cycling
Dancing and gymnastics Aerobics, dancing. Acrobatics, gymnastics.
Diving sports Leisure diving only under 30 metres. No diving deeper than 30 metres nor any wreck, enriched air, free diving, cave, ice or solo diving. Leisure diving up to 50 metres, wreck diving, enriched air diving, cave diving, ice diving.
Equestrian sports Recreational riding, dressage, vaulting, horse/combined driving. Jumping, eventing, polo, hunting, endurance riding.
Martial arts Karate, wrestling, Ju-jitsu, Aikido, Kung Fu, Taekwon-do, judo. Boxing, kick boxing, MMA, Thai boxing, Krav Maga.
Motor car racing Indoor karting, trial (off-road), navigation rallies, auto-slalom/autocross, track days. Outdoor karting, grass karting, drifting, sports car, saloon car or truck racing, autograss racing.
Mountaineering Bouldering, indoor climbing, hiking, walking, scrambling. Mountaineering up to 5,000 metres (alpine climbing, ice climbing, rock climbing, traditional mountaineering), caving (group only), potholing (group only).
Skating Roller/in-line skating, roller derby, skate boarding, Nordic blading, cross skating, roller skiing. Dirt boarding, grass boarding, mountain boarding, off-road skating, speed skating, wind skating.
Strength and fitness training Body-building, weight training, weightlifting, power lifting. Covered in our standard list.
Water sports Motor boating (inshore), sailing (inshore), jet ski, personal water craft, water scooter, fly-boarding (pleasure only), canoeing, rowing, windsurfing, wave surfing, kayaking (rapid class <3), swimming, water polo, river hovercraft. Sailing (offshore) boat size under 15 metres, kayaking (rapid class 4), kite surfing, wake boarding, white water river hovercraft.
Winter sports On-piste skiing, snow boarding, cross-country skiing, Nordic skiing, snow-shoeing, sledding, snow tubing, ice skating, toboggan, ice hockey. Ski tours, snowboard tours, off-piste skiing/snowboarding, free-riding, speed skating, Cresta run, skeleton, luge, bob-sledding, ski-jumping, ice yachting.

Who can take out hazardous pursuits cover?

Our hazardous pursuits add-on is available for new and existing clients with an Income Protection or Accident Only Income Protection policy.

Find out more about them here:

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