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Welcome, we are National Friendly.

We were formed in April 1868 on the principle of helping people to prepare for contingencies by setting aside a monthly amount to provide a useful sum of money to help tide over a difficult time.

This is still a core value held dear by the Society today; we believe in helping people to help themselves. Our modern products are designed to enable our members to look after both themselves and their families.

Our products and services

Here are the products and services available through National Friendly.
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Our history

Watch the video below to learn more about National Friendly and how we've
gone from strength to strength over our 150 year history!

Our vision

To be a forward thinking and trusted mutual that meets the health, welfare and protection needs of our customers.


Proudly mutual

Being a member-owned mutual not only gives our members a voice, but also means that profits are used to look after the members themselves, instead of paying dividends to shareholders.

About us