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Out-patient Plan

If you have a medical problem that’s been concerning you, a quick diagnosis can take away a lot of worry and uncertainty. With so many demands on the NHS, it can be difficult to see consultants and even a local GP when it’s convenient for you, even for short-term, curable conditions.

With our Out-patient Plan you can get prompt access to a private GP and specialist consultant to get you on the path to recovery. The policy helps to cover healthcare costs associated with diagnosis of a medical condition together with a range of out-patient treatments. In addition, you can get access to treatment for selected musculoskeletal and mental health issues without having to wait for a GP referral. You have a choice of two annual cover limits. The limits are £2,000 or £5,000 each policy year.

    • Appointments with a private GP
    • Diagnostic consultations with specialist consultants
    • Diagnostic tests to help find the cause of your symptoms
    • Physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and chiropractic treatment
    • Minor surgery for carpal tunnel decompression, joint injections, and excision and cauterisation procedures
    • Mental health sessions with a counsellor or psychotherapist
    • Diagnosis of heart and cancer conditions
  • Because we believe in fairer healthcare for all our customers, we’re proud to offer benefits that many other providers may not.

    • Prompt access to a private GP offering you fast diagnosis for medical problems
    • We offer diagnosis as well as cover for certain out-patient treatments
    • We cover three minor surgeries 
    • We don’t operate a ‘no claims discount’ – so your annual premium review won't be directly impacted by claims you have made personally

Your annual cover limit options

You have a choice of two annual cover limits, which will be refreshed at each policy anniversary. Your premiums will be higher if you choose the £5,000 annual cover limit.


Your excess options

Should you need to claim an excess is an optional amount that you can choose to pay towards the cost of treatment in any policy year. This can be beneficial if you want to keep down the price you pay for your private medical insurance. Your premiums will be lower the higher the excess you choose. Or you might decide that you would rather not pay an excess and that is one of our options too.

Whichever option you choose, you will not have to pay excess on a private GP consultation.

The three excess options are:

No excess£100£250

If you would like to know how much of a difference each option could make to your monthly premium, please click the button below for a personalised quote.

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