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Private Medical Insurance: Optimum

The NHS does an excellent job in increasingly difficult circumstances. But with more and more demands on its funding and resources it can be difficult to see NHS consultants and even local GPs as well as having to wait for operations.

We offer two private medical insurance policies that between them cover prompt access to a GP or consultant for diagnosis, some out-patient treatments and a range of private in-patient and day-patient treatment and operations.  Our policies can work separately or alongside each other and can take the worry and uncertainty out of healthcare. If you take out both policies together we will reduce each monthly premium by £5, a combined saving of £10 per month. Terms and conditions apply.


Out-patient Plan

Prompt access to a private GP and consultant for diagnosis and a range of out-patient treatments. £2,000 of cover available each policy year.


In/Day-patient Plan

Faster access to a range of private in-patient and day-patient treatments and operations, including a selection of heart and cancer treatments. £250,000 cover per policy year.