"My Sporting Hero" - Update


You may have read earlier on in the year my blog about Lloyd, a family member with great sporting ambition. An ambitious and overachieving runner! I had shared a picture of him with his new running spikes.

I think we may have missed a trick with the spikes, we should have sorted out a pair of Usain Bolt’s golden boots! I am very proud to announce he has just become Welsh Under 17’s 3,000m champion and not only that but a new personal best time of 8:59 secs! All the more special for me, he won his race at a meet in Wrexham, the home of my favourite football team.

Lloyd goes from strength to strength. To me he epitomises great focus, great natural talent, great desire, all backed up with 100% family support. His parents, Kelly and Scott, travel everywhere with him and offer continual praise and support. I strongly believe with parental support and encouragement children can blossom into well behaved, balanced individuals, fit to go out into the world mentally and emotionally prepared not only to take on what life throws at them, but to achieve what they strive for in life.

Well done Lloyd, the world is literally at your feet! Well done Kelly and Scott, great, supportive parents. I for one am proud of all of you.

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