Do you dare to dream?


I am a serial dreamer, as those closest to me would attest to. I really do believe that you can achieve anything in life as long as you have something to really, truly believe in and it hurts to the pit of your stomach when you want it that badly. I feel blessed to be in that mind set in my life, which is great, but I should really help spread that feeling, that mind set with others.

So I sat down at the beginning of the year with each member of staff in our Sales & Marketing team and asked them what their dreams, goals or ambitions were. I think a big point to make here is, I was genuinely interested in their answers, I wasn’t asking just to play games. My feelings are that I need to be a conduit between achieving the goals and ambitions that National Friendly as a business chase and at the same time help our staff achieve their goals and ambitions together as one.

Each colleague gave me their answers and we printed off visuals and pinned them around the office walls to remind everyone of what they were striving for.

Today one of our Sales Executives, Peter Mann, told me he had achieved what he had set out to do in January! Peter and his wife Lena wanted to save enough money to buy a car for Lena, her first ever car. Yesterday they took delivery of the car and both Peter and Lena are totally over the moon. The look of excitement on Lena’s face is priceless, fantastic.

I have been asked, ‘how did I contribute to Pete achieving his goals?’ My answer was, ‘none!’ I just made people think about their dreams, paved the way and sent them along that path. The ‘doing’ was all them! Talking to Peter about his achievement, he mentioned that I had helped push him along and helping him realise that he could achieve whatever he set his mind to. He liked the fact that almost daily I would drip, drip, drip positive thoughts to him, keeping his eye on the goal. He enjoyed my regular team meetings where I would bang on about keep chasing your dreams. It was nice feedback for me, it is mentally hard as a leader of people that is genuinely interested in people to keep the positivity up on a daily basis.

To me the car is not that important, the most important point is that he sat with me 6 months ago and laid out how he was going to do this; he followed those plans and it has come to fruition for him and Lena. Yes, he dared to dream, more importantly he chased down those dreams and caught them!

Stop chasing the breeze, chase your dreams, dare to dream!!!

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