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National Friendly’s PMI popular among women in the South East

National Friendly’s Private Medical Insurance, Optimum, is a hit with women, specifically those in the South East. Of all the policies sold this year* 64% were sold to women, with 83% of these women living in the South East, around the affluent London area. The South East was also the most popular region among the men, with 82% of male policyholders residing there.

The average age of National Friendly’s health insurance policyholders is 62, just below the current state pension age.

National Friendly’s Commercial Development Manager, Oliver Jones, commented, “It’s always interesting to see where we’re selling the most private healthcare policies. A reason for a larger percentage of policyholders residing in the South East could be because the cost of private healthcare is more expensive in and around London and therefore for those wanting private treatment, having insurance could save them thousands of pounds.”

National Friendly offers two private medical insurance policies that between them cover prompt access to a GP or consultant for diagnosis, some out-patient treatments and a range of private in-patient and day-patient treatment and operations, including extensive heart and cancer treatments.

*February 2018 to present

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