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Our Charity of the Year 2017 - St Mungo's

As our year working alongside St Mungo’s came to its conclusion, we were delighted to welcome Kat (Lacy) to our offices to present this cheque to her. It is with great pride to announce that we were able to raise £11,650.96 to support the great work St Mungo’s does across the country, making sure that everyone has a place to call home.

It costs around £17 per night to put someone in secure accommodation at St Mungo’s so our donation has paid for 675 nights!

Our staff took part in a number of calorific bake sales, a long distance walk, various sporting sweepstakes and competitions and a corporate quiz night. We also took part in a number of gardening working party events with St Mungo’s.

Here is what Kat had to say about working with National Friendly:

“From volunteering your time, to raising thousands of pounds through your fundraising, National Friendly has been one of our most successful corporate partnerships in Bristol. Everyone has been enthusiastic and really engaged in the work that we do. I am confident that National Friendly staff will continue to be ambassadors for St Mungo’s in the future, helping to educate people about homelessness and spread the message that with support like yours, we can help people to overcome homelessness for good.”

Neil Thompson, CSR member at National Friendly says…

“Working in the center of Bristol, we are acutely aware of the problem of homelessness. Many of those who find themselves without a roof were once in comfortable family surroundings.

We have loved working with St Mungo’s and extend our best wishes for a successful 2018.

We hope in some small way we have made a difference.”

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