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Hero commuter jumped on to Bristol station tracks to save collapsed woman from oncoming train

Our very own Stuart Jones was on hand to provide assistance at Temple Meads station when a lady fell onto the tracks. Our congratulations go to Stuart for his quick thinking and caring nature.

Here's what the Bristol Post had to say: 

A hero commuter managed to save a woman from being run over by an oncoming train after she collapsed and fell onto the tracks at Bristol Temple Meads station.

Stuart Jones was waiting to board the 5.30pm CrossCountry service at Platform 3 when the woman, who was standing in front of him, collapsed on the evening of Monday, March 12.

The 34-year-old, from Cwmbran in South Wales, watched in horror as the woman, who has not been named, fell from the platform on to the tracks below as the train arrived.

But while his fellow commuters stood motionless, Stuart instinctively leapt onto the tracks in order to prevent the woman – who was unconscious – from being struck by the train.

He explained: “She was stood right in front of me. The train was coming in. The first two carriages went past and then I saw her fall onto the floor and then onto the tracks.

“She was very lucky this happened on Platform 3 where there is a big enough gap to fall down, otherwise she would have been hit right away.

“I jumped down onto the tracks and I checked for her pulse but I couldn’t feel anything. She felt really stiff, so I didn’t move her.

“I asked people on the platform to help but no-one moved. Some station staff were there but they didn’t jump down – they just told me not to move her.”

When more staff finally arrived at the scene, Stuart said he was told to move on.

“I wasn’t worried about another train coming in or anything like that – I was just worried about the woman,” the 34-year-old, who works at Bristol-based insurance company National Friendly, said.

“Another member of staff arrived and he said ‘there is nothing else to see here’. Another person said they had seen the woman move, so I got up and left them to it at this stage.”

The woman was subsequently taken to the Bristol Royal Infirmary for treatment, after being lifted from the tracks by firefighters and paramedics.

A spokesperson for South West Ambulance Service confirmed that the woman, who is in her 60s, had suffered a cardiac arrest.

She is continuing to receive treatment at the BRI, where staff said she was in a stable condition earlier today.

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