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National Friendly pays out over 99% of all medical claims in 2017

The mutual society, National Friendly, paid out 99% of medical claims in 2017. Between December 2016 and February 2018 the Society paid out over £7.5 million in medical claims for a variety of medical procedures, ranging from complex operations to simple investigations.

Customer Services Manager at National Friendly, Duncan Reeves, comments, “We are proud to announce that the Society has paid out 99% of medical claims. As a mutual organisation, we don’t have shareholders to satisfy or dividends to pay, so this focus on supporting our members who are also our owners is a key part of our culture.”

Reeves continues, “We invest heavily in all aspects of our customer facing business too and this is reflected in our customer service research. In a recent survey, our Bristol based Claims Management team was rated 9.6 out of 10 in the last 12 months.

Our Customer Services team also answered 89% of calls within 20 seconds out of 14,956 calls and responded to 91% of written enquiries within five working days from a total of 13,903 cases completed.”

Celebrating its 150th year of operating in 2018, National Friendly certainly has the experience to know what works for a client and what is best avoided. The Society was founded to provide sickness benefits to working men, women, and children and today offers a range of products to help its members with their health and welfare needs.

Details of National Friendly and its insurance policies are available on its website –

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