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Meet our sales team!

We are proud to present our newly assembled sales team here at National Friendly. Over the past year we have taken on Peter, Stuart and Mark and are very excited to have them on board. 

Here’s what they had to say for themselves:


“Having been with National Friendly since the beginning of August, I liked the idea of a new challenge within a new team.

Having been in sales for the past 11 years with previous experience with health insurance, I look forward to bringing what I know to National Friendly and working towards success with them.”


“As the newest member of the National Friendly team, I have been very impressed by the approachable nature of the team as well as the progressive and forward thinking nature of the business.

Having come from a health insurance background, I am looking forward to an exciting career with National Friendly, a company with great history and a bright future.”


“National Friendly’s 150 year history was a factor in my decision to join them in February this year. I have had 10 years of experience within the regulated financial industry, and was looking for a company that could offer not only stability and reliability but also an exciting forward thinking approach to the products and services that they want to offer their customers. National Friendly ticked all of these boxes. Since I joined National Friendly, I have been overwhelmed by the immense sense of team spirit and look forward to an exciting future with them.”

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