Income Protection

  • Get paid a regular benefit if you can't work due to ill-health or injury
  • Unlimited access to our GP services available 24/7

How can Income Protection help you?

If you can't work due to ill-health or injury and suffer a loss of earnings as a result, our Income Protection policy is designed to pay you a benefit while you get on the road to recovery. You can tailor your policy to your circumstances and requirements.


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  • Main benefit - you can select between £500 and £6,000 a month of regular benefit, up to a maximum 70% of your earnings.
  • Benefit period - a choice of a maximum of 1 or 2 years' benefit.
  • Benefit guarantee - protect your benefit against a fall in earnings between your policy starting and the time of your claim. You can protect up to £2,000 a month of your main benefit by submitting proof of earnings within 3 months of the policy starting.
  • Rehabilitation benefit - aims to support your recovery while we are processing your claim. Up to maximum of £1,000 a year to help cover your expenses for two private consultations and for physical / mental health therapies.
  • Deferred period - a choice of when you want the benefit to start from after your injury – 30, 60, 90 or 180 days.
  • Hazardous pursuits cover - you have the option to pay extra to cover an enhanced list of hazardous pursuits. You can choose cover of between £500 and £2,000 a month, up to your selected amount of main benefit.
  • Virtual GP service - unlimited access to our GP services available 24/7, including phone and video consultations, private prescriptions and open referrals.


Cover with Income Protection also includes:


  • This policy provides a back to work benefit, a proportionate benefit if you return to work on lower earnings than before.
  • An accidental death benefit option - if you select this option and die as a result of an accident within 30 days of that accident, we will pay a lump sum equating to 1 or 2 years' main benefit, whichever you choose when you apply.
  • A contingency benefit that provides a maximum benefit of £500 a month for a maximum of 12 months. This is available if you are working for less than 16 hours a week and due to ill-health or injury you are unable to carry out your current role either as houseperson or in the occupation in which you last worked over 16 hours a week.
  • You can change certain benefits at a later date to match your changing needs. Our guaranteed insurability option allows you to increase your cover without medical checks for certain life events set out in the policy conditions.
  • An option for increased cover each year, to take account of inflation and increases in your earnings. Your premiums will increase to reflect the higher cover.
  • A flexible policy end date - you can choose for your policy to end at any birthday between ages 60 and 70.
  • Waiver of premium, so you don't pay any premiums whilst you are receiving benefit from us.
  • An option to change your cover for certain benefits at a later date to match your changing needs.

For more information on Income Protection

To help you decide if this policy is right for you, you should read both the Policy Summary and Policy Conditions carefully. You can download the PDFs below. If you have any questions or if you would like to receive a quote or apply for the policy, please call our team by calling the number below or by filling out the callback form above.

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