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For many of us, the prospect of arranging care support for our elderly loved ones or friends as they get older is often emotional and unsettling. You and your family need to feel confident that they will be comfortable and well cared for.

Like many important decisions, understanding what’s involved and available in arranging care support can be a very confusing and complex process for many families.

The facts are that quality care in later life can often cost thousands; we’re living longer these days so getting the right advice and finding the right care are absolutely vital.

To help meet the care needs of our customers, family and their friends, National Friendly are working in partnership with Grace Consulting to offer an independent and totally confidential care advice service, available to you at a time when you need it most.

Special Offer

We offer this invaluable service to National Friendly customers, family and friends at a special  discounted price.

All you pay is a one - off fee of:

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Working in partnership with Grace Consulting

Grace Consulting care advice service gives you access to expert guidance to help you unravel the complexities of the care system enabling you and your family to make the best possible care decisions.

To qualify for our special reduced rate, please call us on 0330 221 1171 and we’ll put you in touch with one of Grace Consulting’s expert advisers. The adviser will explain the care advice service in more detail and, if you’re happy to go ahead, will arrange a telephone appointment with you.

They will also:

  • Listen carefully to your concerns
  • Provide you with practical guidance of the care options available to you or your loved one: whether at home, in a care home or a combination of both
  • Explain more about which state benefits are means-tested or available for free
  • Send you a summary of everything you’ve discussed, as well as a range of helpful fact sheets

From the first signs of needing care to an urgent situation, Grace Consulting will provide expert care advice and support to help you to start resolving your care issues and make the best possible care decisions.

Jane's Story

Jane thought it was time her grandmother needed to think about moving to a care home, but Jane wasn’t sure how to go about helping her do this. She wanted to talk things over with someone experienced in these things, to help her clarify her thinking.

The Grace Consulting adviser carefully listened to Jane, then explained the various options. She helped clarify what steps Jane could take and gave her some information sheets to read through with more information. Jane soon found a vacancy in a home that her grandmother liked. Grace Consulting were invaluable in pointing her in the right direction.

This story does not feature a real customer.

Grace Consulting

Providing essential independent
care advice*

With over 30 years’ experience in providing practical and empathetic support for thousands of customers like you, they are one of the UK’s leading nationwide providers of independent care advice services, supported by a team of specially trained and highly skilled care advisers covering the whole of the UK – giving you valuable reassurance that you will be in safe and expert hands.

*Grace Consulting does not provide regulated financial advice on funding long-term care.

Message for anyone considering arranging care for a family member

Identifying that your loved ones may need care support can be an extremely difficult and emotional time. The next steps can be a real dilemma for many families and common concerns include:

  • How does the social care system work?
  • What are the best options and what questions should I ask?
  • How do I find the best care homes and home carers?
  • How much does care cost and how do I pay for it?

If you are facing any of these dilemmas, you should seriously consider taking advantage of the care advice service offer – it really will make a difference to helping you find the right care solutions.

John's Story

John’s dad was finding it difficult getting up and down the stairs. He loved his home and wanted to remain in it rather than move, but the stairs were causing him anxiety.

He lived off his state pension now but could not afford a stair lift. Then John discovered Grace Consulting. One call to them gave him all the information he needed in straightforward plain English. They were extremely supportive and provided John with guidance and information on where to go for potential support to fund the cost of the stairlift.

This story does not feature a real customer.

Call one of our team

To qualify for our special reduced rate, please call us on 0330 221 1171 and we’ll put you in touch with one of Grace Consulting’s expert advisers.

8am to 6pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. Calls are recorded for training and quality purposes.

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