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Diagnosis Plus Plan

Your Health Fund

If you have a medical problem that's been concerning you, a quick diagnosis can take away a lot of worry and uncertainty.

But with so many demands on NHS funding and resources it can be difficult to see consultants and even a local GP when it’s convenient for you, even for short term, curable conditions.

With our Diagnosis Plus Plan you can get prompt access to a private GP and specialist consultant to get you on the path to recovery. The policy helps to cover healthcare costs associated with diagnosis of a medical condition together with a range of out-patient treatments. In addition, you can get access to treatment for selected musculoskeletal and mental health issues without having to wait for a GP referral.

This unique concept in private healthcare incorporates our innovative claim fund.

    • Appointment(s) with a private GP
    • Diagnostic consultations with a specialist consultant
    • Diagnostic tests to help find the cause of your symptoms
    • Physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and chiropractic treatment
    • Minor surgery for carpal tunnel decompression, joint injections and excision and cauterisation procedures
    • Mental health sessions with a counsellor or psychotherapist
    • Diagnosis of heart and cancer conditions

How the Diagnosis Plus Plan works

The Diagnosis Plus Plan will cover eligible claims up to five times the value of your claim fund. To start you off we will add a notional £100 to the claim fund, providing £500 worth of cover on day one of your policy. Each time you pay a monthly premium we put £25 into your claim fund, building up your level of cover until you need to claim.

  1. You pay your premium each month

    £25 of your monthly premium goes into the claim fund with the remainder going into the insurance fund.

  2. What happens when you make a claim?

    Eligible claims are covered up to five times the amount in the claim fund. One-fifth (20%) of the claim cost is taken from the claim fund, with the remaining four-fifths (80%) from the insurance fund

  3. At the end of the policy

    You can withdraw the remaining balance of your claim fund, although you won't be able to withdraw the notional £100 added at the start of your policy. This could be as much as £1,500


Angela's story

This is an example of the way in which the Diagnosis Plus Plan can work in practice.

47 year old Angela had a recurring chest infection. It was proving difficult to get a quick appointment with her own GP, so she decided to use her Diagnosis Plus Plan to see a private GP. The GP said she'd need to see a specialist, but there was a five month waiting list to see one on the NHS. Because she had a Diagnosis Plus Plan, she was able to arrange an appointment with a local consultant within two weeks. The policy covered the cost of a complete chest X-ray, blood tests and diagnosis. Angela's infection was treatable with an antibiotic prescription – but taking the weight off her mind was just as valuable. 

This example does not feature a real customer

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