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In-patient Plan

Your Health Fund

Sometimes, you just can’t afford to wait for an operation. Our In-patient Plan is here for you if you need quick access to private hospital treatment as an in-patient.

Our In-patient Plan helps to cover the cost of private hospital in-patient operations and treatments for a range of acute conditions. Providing cover up to £250,000 per policy year, the In-patient Plan also provides funding for your accommodation costs and follow-up treatment and monitoring.

With waiting lists for NHS surgery varying widely from region to region, we can help you find treatment by giving you access to a private hospital near you when you need it.

By taking out our In-patient Plan, you’ll be in control from the start – and we’ll take care of the rest.

    • Private hospital in-patient treatment
    • Private hospital day-patient treatment
    • Follow-ups and monitoring after surgery until your condition has stabilised
    • Medical appliances and prostheses
    • Hospital accommodation
    • Selected heart and cancer treatments

Mike's story

55 year old Mike had been concerned about discomfort around his bladder and lower abdomen for a few months. His GP referred him to an NHS consultant.

The consultant ran a full suite of tests and broke the news that Mike had feared – he had the early stages of prostate cancer. His prostate gland would need to be removed in an operation.

After discussions with his family, he decided he would like to have the procedure carried out by a private consultant, in a private hospital. He contacted us and, having established he had a valid claim, we arranged everything for him.

His private operation was available quicker than was available on the NHS and he liked the thought of having a private room in which to recover and receive visitors.

Our In-patient Plan not only covered the cost of Mike's surgery, but also the week he spent in hospital and follow-ups to check his recovery was going smoothly.

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Your Health Fund

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