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Live life and be social


Our Social Club Committee functions to improve the social environment of our workplace by organising staff events.

The Social Club Committee encourages collaborative action and helps to create a sense of togetherness amongst staff.

Dan Yarde, who is the Chair of our Social Club Committee said, “We consider it an important function of the Society, where all of the club members can participate in a wide range of activities and outings, as well as suggest future events. It allows everyone, whatever their position in the company, to mix together and have some fun away from the office.”

Social Club members pay £2 a month (the money is taken out of staff wages before tax and matched by the Society) and this money is managed by the Social Committee and used to run the monthly events. By becoming a member you are entitled to get discounted prices for any of our events.

Jessica Gaden, who recently joined National Friendly, said, “This is the first company I have worked for that provides a platform for employees to be able to get together outside of work and enjoy events organised by the Social Committee.

"I have really benefited from the whole experience as it has allowed me to meet people within the company that I may not necessarily deal with on a day-to-day work basis. It also offers activities/day outs that one wouldn’t normally think about doing e.g. go karting or axe throwing!

Personally, I think it’s a great bonus to have as it gets everyone socialising, and this committee demonstrates that National Friendly looks after their staff members.”


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